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A T &T Park

“Where’s Roberta” not only takes you to one of the most dynamic baseball parks in the country, but the Show also exposes you to ”secrets” you’ll appreciate and never forget while attending your next Giants Game!

345 California Center

It is one of the most stoic skyscrapers in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. But have you ever noticed the allegiance and spirit displayed with those flags flying on top the 48 story building? Who chooses which flags will fly and learn the incredible connection between that special person and 911 with “Where’s Roberta”.

San Francisco Fire Boats

When is the last time you have had an opportunity to ride on an official Fire Boat? If you haven’t had the opportunity YET, then jump onboard and allow “Where’s Roberta” to sail you away on a once in a lifetime boat ride!

Around The Bay Area

Where’s Roberta travels throughout the Bay Area teaming you up with spectacular experiences and stories to learn from!

Roberta is at the whimsical tree sculptures at the Palo Alto Art Center

Eye On The Bay Scavenger Hunt

Mobile Weather Lab-Roberta Gonzales visits SOMA Streat Food

Where’s Roberta? At The Culinary Institute Of America In St. Helena

Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holiday Season

Where’s Roberta? Horseback Riding At Garrod Farms

Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern’s 9th Annual Golf Tournament at Wente Golf Course